Our Partners

Spruce Finance provides homeowners with multiple financing options for solar systems and energy efficiency improvements. Our goal is to empower people to improve their homes and communities. We work with a national network of channel partners who offer our financing to homeowners and perform the installation. Formed in 2015 when Clean Power Finance merged with Kilowatt Financial, we are a private company headquartered in San Francisco. We have raised more than $2.5B to date and currently serve nearly 70,000 homeowners. Our investors include Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures, Edison International and Duke Energy.

Launched in 2011, Mosaic Finance started by using crowdfunding principles to allow everyday people to invest in clean energy. In 2014, we then shifted towards residential solar financing with the help of third party capital partners. And now, continuing our growth with the first securitization of our residential loan portfolio, as well as our newly launched Home Improvement Lending Program, we are constantly pushing for new and exciting ways to make the benefits of clean energy more attainable for everyone.

Sunrun has a history of blending innovation with expertise. In 2007, Sunrun invented the solar as a service model and brings over 17 years of experience in designing and maintaining high quality solar systems making clean solar energy affordable, mainstream and accessible for everyone in the U.S. Sunrun sells directly to consumers over the phone, web, and at retail stores, as well as through a network of certified partners. Sunrun has deployed more than $4.6 billion in solar systems with support from investors including U.S. Bancorp, J.P. Morgan and Credit Suisse. The company has raised more than $300 million in venture capital from Accel Partners, Sequoia Capital, Foundation Capital, and Madrone Capital Partners.Our Customers: 100,000+ and going strongSunrun has 100,000+ customers across the country and is growing quickly. We have some of the happiest customers because of the tremendous savings we have enabled on their electric bill and the simple, hassle-free experience we create for them. Our customer satisfaction scores are on par with Amazon, Zappos and Southwest Airlines.

At Dividend Solar, customers come first. Always.

We bring together homeowners, installers and investors in a structure to maximize the alignment of interests between all stakeholders. We do not see the value of solar as a zero-sum game. Instead, all members of the solar value chain benefit.The economics of solar have become increasingly compelling, and the financial markets have been slow to adapt. The financing options that are currently available to homeowners looking to install solar are outdated.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality experience to each of our customers and partners. By working with leading installers that share our commitment to deploying high quality solar PV systems, we are able to underwrite our installation partners upfront and streamline the funding and installation process. The combination of creditworthy homeowners, high quality PV equipment and leading workmanship results in more durable systems and lower-risk loans for our investors.

Nearly Three Decades of Solar Leadership
Since 1985 SunPower has been leading global solar innovation. SunPower solar panels consistently deliver more energy and long-term peace of mind with the highest performing solar power systems available. SunPower is the solar energy choice of more homeowners and businesses around the world. Global headquarters based in Silicon Valley since 1985 Total solar energy generated >18,000,000 MWh.  Diversified global portfolio leading residential, commercial and utility solar energy marketsWorld's highest efficiency solar panels featuring SunPower Maxeon cell technologyMore than 200 patents for solar technology.